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For Fujifilm X30 Charger, Replacement Camera Fujifilm X30 Battery Charger

Our Replacement for Fujifilm X30 Charger can charge with Fujifilm NP-95 battery part numbers, and Fujifilm FinePix X100, FinePix F30 camera models, and so on. Our Fujifilm X30 Camera Battery Charger is the same quality as the Original Fujifilm battery Charger, and it is more cheaper.

100-240 AC(Input),4.2V/8.4V DC(Output)
Wall Fujifilm X30 Camera Charger, You Could Only use at home, Enjoy to your digital life.

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Guarantee: New and 100% Compatible 1 Year Warranty, Fast Free Shipping!

Voltage:220V AC(Input),12V-1A(Output)
Car Fujifilm X30 Camera Charger, You Could use both in car and at home, Enjoy to your digital life.

Your Price: $23.89


Guarantee: New and 100% Compatible 1 Year Warranty, Fast Free Shipping!

Fujifilm X30 Camera Battery Chargers Character:

  • Item Number:
  • WBCFU006SU
  • Car Charger Voltage:
  • 220V AC(Input),12V-1A(Output)
  • Wall Charger Voltage:
  • 100-240 AC(Input),4.2V/8.4V DC(Output)
  • Dimension:
  • 106.50x69.00x37.00mm
  • Weight:
  • 180.00g
  • Type:
  • Fujifilm Camera Charger

Fit to Charge Fujifilm Battery Numbers:(Please press "Ctrl+F" to find your search)

Fit to Charge Fujifilm Camera Models:(Please press "Ctrl+F" to find your search)

How long will take to charge Fujifilm X30 battery, and use instructions:

Voltage 3.6V/3.7V 7.2V/7.4V High Capacity
Digital Camera Battery 2 Hours 2 Hours 3.5 Hours
Camcorder Battery 2 Hours 2.5 Hours 4 Hours
Put battery into the charger in right polarity, contact the travel charger with power supply. The main Fujifilm X30 Charger has indicator light can indicate the charging status, designed to charge lithium batteries quickly and safely;Wall Charger Voltage, 100-240 AC(Input),4.2V/8.4V DC (Output), can be plugged into the socket wall of your house, when indicator light turn into green, the charger is in working, and when the indicator light turn reed from green, battery is in fulling; Car Charger Voltage: 220V AC (Input),12V-1A (Output), the 12V Car Cord can be connected to your car cigarette lighter, it also has the indicator light can indicate the charging status.

When you buy Fujifilm X30 battery charger, please notice the following details:

1. Please ensure X30 Fujifilm camera charger that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device;
2. Package includes High Performance Turbo Charger, AC Power Adapter and 12.00V Car Cord;
3. Turbo Charger must be used with our AC Adapter or our Car Cord;
4. Designed to charge batteries quickly and safely;
5. Convenient LEDs indicate the charging status;
6. Fujifilm X30 Battery charger is Compatible with Genuine Fujifilm Camera Charger part numbers;
7. If your Fujifilm X30 charger has any problem, please contact our customer service.


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